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Hal's Sword is available in both the "Otherworldly Content" pack bundled with the collector's edition of Fable II and the "Bonus Game Content" pack available from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace.


Long ago, when Albion was still under the rule of the Old Kingdom, a rift in space opened a portal between dimensions. Through the rift stepped a warrior of immense power, clad in green armour and carrying a crystal sword. Though he never revealed his real name, he was known to all as Hal. Made out of a strange material resembling glass, this sword once emitted a powerful energy when wielded by Hal.

How to obtain[]

To obtain Hal's Sword you must either redeem the code for the "Otherworldly Content" pack included in the Collector's Edition of Fable II, or have purchased the "Bonus Game Content" DLC pack. After entering the code/purchasing the pack, it will be a chest in the Guild Cave near the Cullis Gate, along with Hal's Outfit.


  • Hal's Sword is part of a small collection of items within the game based on the Halo video games, also including Hal's Outfit (based on Master Chief's armour) and Hal's Rifle (based on the series' Assault Rifles).
  • Hal's Sword and Hal's Outfit were originally exclusively available through a one-time-use code included in the Collector's Edition of Fable II, but were made available (along with all other pieces of content originally exclusive to the Collector's Edition) through the Bonus Game Content pack on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace as of February 24th, 2014.
  • Its description stating the sword "once emitted a powerful energy when wielded by Hal", in conjunction with its low damage, imply a lack of charge has rendered it much weaker than it once was, as it would in the Halo universe.
  • The sword makes an electric sound that no other weapon in the game makes when swung, consistent with Halo's Energy Sword.

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