Hal's Rifle
Weapon Information
Type Clockwork Rifle
Damage 59
Base Value 24,400 gold
Augmentations None, one empty
Acquisition Knothole Island Box of Secrets
Rating 4stars
Ammo Capacity 24
Reload Time 1.35
Range 50

Hal's Rifle is a legendary weapon that can only be found on Knothole Island inside the Box of Secrets. You will need to trade a Pure Experience extract potion to acquire the weapon. Hal's Rifle only appears after the player has finished the second quest for the Chieftain.

Description Edit

Long ago, when Albion was still under rule of the Old Kingdom, a rift in space opened a portal between dimensions. Through the rift stepped a warrior of immense power, clad in green armour and carrying a striking crystal sword. Though he never revealed his real name, he was known to all as Hal. Few enemies were able to withstand the firepower of his sophisticated rifle.

Notes Edit

  • While statistically the same as a Master Clockwork Rifle, a major advantage comes from the extended ammo capacity; four times larger than any other weapon. This allows the hero to spam shots much longer and eliminate multiple enemies without having to pause to reload. However, the hero actually must reload 3 times in order to fully replenish the gun's ammunition. This weapon is especially useful to skill specialists and has one free augmentation slot.
  • The weapon also appears to fire three rounds per shot, similar to a blunderbuss.
  • Despite the large clip in this weapon, its effectiveness in the Westcliff Shooting Range is relatively poor. While you almost never have to stop shooting, it is comparatively difficult to see the targets due to the effects of firing the weapon. Additionally, the fact that this weapon shoots multiple rounds with each shot is detrimental to succeeding at the Westcliff Shooting Range as the excessive spread makes it easy to accidently shoot other nearby targets (resulting in negative points).
  • It is possible that hitting an enemy with more than one bullet per round will multiply the damage. This means that if all three bullets hit the intended target, then the total damage will be significantly larger (comparable to that of the Enforcer). However, Hal's Rifle does not seem to have the same "stopping power" as the Enforcer. The likelihood of landing all three rounds on the same target is rather difficult at longer distances as at least one bullet will typically fly astray.
  • In essence, Hal's Rifle is basically an automatic blunderbuss capable of shooting three bullets while retaining the firing speed of a clockwork rifle.
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