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Hal, sometimes referred to as The Master Chief, is a man who is said to have came to Albion during the age of the Old Kingdom through a rift in time and space. He used his extremely advanced and mysterious armour and weaponry to dominate his foes. What remains of his armour and weapons can still be found in the world today.

In reality, "Hal" was John-117, the Master Chief, the protagonist of the Halo video game franchise. Although the character does not directly appear, having left Albion hundreds of years ago, his Armour and Sword are available as part of the "Otherworldly Content" that was bundled with the Fable II Limited Edition. The armour is known as Hal's Outfit, and includes boots, gloves, pants, a coat and a helmet, all designed to resemble the Master Chief's signature MJOLNIR Armour. Hal's Sword (a crystal replica of the distinctive Energy Sword used by the Chief's enemies in the Halo franchise) does a base 22 damage, roughly comparable to iron weapons in the game. However, it comes with three augmentation slots, and you can put in augments that increase the power of it and your protection, along with a ghoul augment, you'll never be able to get knocked out.

The sword and armour are found in a chest next to the very first Cullis Gate you encounter in Fable II, in the former Chamber of Fate; the chest is locked unless you have entered the promotional code and downloaded the Otherworldly Content pack from Xbox Live Marketplace.

Opening the chest also makes the title "Master Chief" available from the Bowerstone title vendor.

Knothole Island DLC[]

This DLC introduces Hal's Rifle. In the Box of Secrets store, after completing the main quest, there is a new package containing a common weapon from the Halo series, the Assault Rifle, the Master Chief's signature weapon. This time, it is plated silver and has a distinctive fantasy-medieval look, like the armour. In order to obtain this item you must trade a pure experience extract for it. In the Halo games, the Assault Rifle has an ammo counter that displays how many bullets are left in the current clip; Hal's Rifle displays an infinity symbol instead of numbers and, like the set, does not look as advanced as Halo's.

Game lore[]

"Long ago, when Albion was still under the rule of the Old Kingdom, a rift in space opened a portal between dimensions. Through the rift stepped a warrior of immense power, clad in green armour and carrying a crystal sword. Though he never revealed his real name, he was known to all as 'Hal'."

This description accompanies Hal's weapons and armour in Fable II.


  • The name "Hal" simply comes from a shortening of "Halo".
  • The Celtic meaning of "hal" is "Chief".

External Link[]

  • For information about the character on whom he is based, visit Halopedia.