Gusket's Musket
Gusket's Musket
Weapon Information
Type Rifle
Damage 24-97
Base Value 8850
Augmentations Liquidator, Hireling, Freak
Acquisition Free Weapons DLC
Rating Unique

Gusket's Musket is a legendary rifle in Fable III. It is only obtainable via the Free Weapons Pack DLC.

Base DamageEdit

Star Level012345
Damage 24 3039 49 74 97

NOTE: This is based on the star level of the weapon. Does NOT factor in Strength (Swords, Hammers) or Stature (Pistols, Rifles) multiplier and/or bonuses from Augments.


This gun was used by Barry Gusket, a notorious yet elusive assassin. Gusket would remove a bone from each of his victims and attach it to his weapon. He was funny like that.


Bonus Name Objective Reward
Liquidator Kill 300 human enemies. Gain Money With Each Hit
Hireling Earn 10,000 gold from jobs. +8 Extra Damage
Freak Decrease your moral standing. +30% Damage vs Human Enemies

Any figures in brackets are where the PC version has reduced requirements.


  • If the "Liquidator" upgrade has been unlocked, shooting dead enemies with this weapon will still yield gold.


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