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Guildmaster's Spare Outfit
Effects 488 Armour
+9 Attractiveness
0 Scariness
+30 Alignment
Source Heroes' Guild (DLC)
Base value 4,750 gold

The Guildmaster's Spare Outfit is a unique outfit in Fable Anniversary. It is included in the Hero Outfit & Weapon Pack. Once downloaded, the pieces of the outfit must be purchased from the merchant in the Heroes' Guild.

Description Edit

The Guildmaster is renowned for owning multiple outfits that all look the same. The more fashion conscious Hero would baulk at even the thought of this, although the saving grace is having a Guild icon tattooed on your forehead. That's real fashion.


Guildmaster's Spare Shirt

What lies beneath the Guildmaster's shirt? A rippling six-pack? More tattoos? Perhaps even enough chest hair to have created this very shirt? What a shuddering thought.

  • Armour Rating: 200
  • Base Value: 2,100 Gold
  • Attractiveness: +5
  • Scariness: 0
  • Alignment Modifier: +26
Guildmaster's Spare Shorts

Be careful to check yourself after leaving the local lavatory, as you don't want to hear the Guildmaster say, "Hero, you're flying low".

  • Armour Rating: 175
  • Base Value: 1,850 Gold
  • Attractiveness: +2
  • Scariness: 0
  • Alignment Modifier: +2
Guildmaster's Spare Gloves

Dealing with Quest Cards can really chafe the hands, so invest in some good gloves to protect such delicate skin.

  • Armour Rating: 50
  • Base Value: 525 Gold
  • Attractiveness: 0
  • Scariness: 0
  • Alignment Modifier: 0
Guildmaster's Spare Boots

Any Guildmaster that spends all day walking to and from the Map Table needs some sturdy footwear.

  • Armour Rating: 25
  • Base Value: 275 Gold
  • Attractiveness: +2
  • Scariness: 0
  • Alignment Modifier: +2

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