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Guild Seals are Fable III's experience as well as renown. They act like experience points that can be spent on the Road to Rule on various abilities, including melee, ranged, and magic.

Gaining Seals[]

Seals can be gained by:

  • Doing quests
  • Killing enemies
  • Performing expressions with NPCs
  • Finding them in specific chests

Each quest gives you a certain amount of seals as stated before taking it. You also get a meter that fills up when fighting enemies. Once this fills, you get one seal. Also, by making people like you, you can gain seals.

Reaching certain points in the game will also give you seals. You gain the actual Guild Seal as well as your first seal from the Hero of Bowerstone's tomb.


  • It should not be confused with the actual object Guild Seal which is an artifact used by Heroes.
  • An easy way to earn Guild Seals is to interact with the guards each time you leave and return to an area. Guards change every time you leave a town, and if the guard with the same name comes back he'll still give one seal for first interaction.