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Greatmaces are massive scepters or clubs made from wood or metal. They tend to vary in appearance, some with massive metal balls on the head, some with iron spikes jutting out of the shaft. Because of their often regal appearance, they seem to be associated with powerful wizards and figures of authority. They are quite common in Fable and Fable: The Lost Chapters.

Master Greatmace

Iron Greatmace[]

Gold Value: 213

Augment Slots: None

Damage: 42

Class: Heavy

Description: "Like the Katana, the Greatmace isn't native to Albion's shores. It was imported in ages past from the Northern lands, where they were often wielded by religious guards. Made of solid iron and almost the height of a man, these weapons are perhaps the heaviest one can find."

Obtained From:

Steel Greatmace[]

Gold Value: 638

Augment Slots: One

Damage: 64

Class: Heavy

Obtained From:

Obsidian Greatmace[]

Gold Value: 3315

Augment Slots: Two

Damage: 128

Class: Heavy

Description: "These are incredibly rare, as few of the Northerners who make them would willingly defile their sacred weapons. The few Northern travellers who see these blackened maces pronounce them cursed, and point out how the blessing wards and prayers seem to have changed their meaning into something blasphemous."

Obtained From:

Master Greatmace[]

Gold Value: 29644

Augment Slots: Three

Damage: 191

Class: Heavy

Description: "Even the legendary light brass used in the forging of these ancient weapons has failed to lighten these maces. Instead it has made them some of the deadliest weapons ever created, reputedly wielded by the war mages of that lost empire."

Obtained From:

The Sentinus[]

Main article: The Sentinus

Gold Value: 62475

Augment Slots: Two

Damage: 255

Class: Heavy

Description: "Said to belong to the bodyguard of Archon, first ruler of the Old Kingdom, this Greatmace is as majestic as any sceptre, and powerful enough to bring empires to their knees."

Obtained From: Donating 3,000 to 45,000 gold to the Temple of Avo

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