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Greathammer is a type of weapon in Fable and Fable: The Lost Chapters

Although it is powerful, it is also slow, and so relatively weak compared to the longsword. The only Greathammer that compensates for the slow speed with its great strength is the Murren Greathammer.

Iron Greathammer[]

Material: Iron

Gold Value: 225

Augment Slots: None

Damage: 45

Class: Heavy

Description: "A remarkably heavy hammer made out of reinforced ore. While comparatively slow, it can hit with enough force to bend armour and crush bone. Traditionally these great hammers have been the weapons of Oakvale woodsmen and loggers."

Obtained From:

Steel Greathammer[]

Material: Steel

Gold Value: 675

Augment Slots: One

Damage: 68

Class: Heavy

Description: "A reinforced hammer that shows some signs of being ornamented, albeit in a simple, rustic manner. Made of the finest wood and metal this hammer was built by a village craftsman rather than a town dweller, perhaps as a reward for a local Hero or visiting traveller."

Obtained From:

Obsidian Greathammer[]

Material: Obsidian

Gold Value: 3510

Augment Slots: Two

Damage: 135

Class: Heavy

Description: "What little metal this is on this hammer has been warped and burnt, while its wooden build is partially rotted, and feels soft and slightly fungal to the touch. This softness doesn't detract from the terrible damage it is capable of inflicting, and one blow from it is normally enough to fell the stoutest warrior."

Obtained From:

Master Greathammer[]

Material: Master

Gold Value: 31388

Augment Slots: Three

Damage: 202

Class: Heavy

Description: "Unlike its lesser variants this great hammer has been made from solid metal and yet, despite its vast size, is both easy to swing and incredibly damaging. Curiously, all the hammers of this form that have been discovered have borne a particular symbol, resembling burning teeth, on the flat of their heads. This shows they were made for a particular clan."

Obtained From:

Murren Greathammer[]

Main article: Murren Greathammer

Gold Value: 66,150

Augment Slots: 2 Piercing Augmentation, Experience Augmentation

Damage: 270

Class: Heavy

Description: "The Murren graves were robbed during the collapse of the Old Kingdom. This Greathammer and a Greataxe were never recovered. Both are said to forged by the wills of the gods themselves."

Obtained From: Heroes' Guild 20 Silver Key Chest

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