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Greataxe is a type of weapon in Fable and Fable: The Lost Chapters.

Iron Greataxe[]

Gold Value: 200

Augment Slots: None

Damage: 40

Class: Heavy

Description:"A heavier and deadlier version of the Knothole hand axe; simple in design and yet brutally efficient. Before the warrior streak deserted Knothole Glade, this was the weapon favoured by its mercenaries and bodyguards.

Obtained From:

Steel Greataxe[]

Gold Value: 600

Augment Slots: None

Damage: 60

Class: Heavy

Obtained From: Weapon shop in Oakvale

Description: "This heavy axe has been refined, reinforcing the hilt and marking the blades with ancient curving patterns and gold leaf. A steel rod has been inserted into the wooden shaft, allowing its wielder a greater chance to block and parry incoming blows. They are prized possessions to their owners, and often the property of Knothole headmen and the greatest of their warriors"

Obsidian Greataxe[]

Gold Value: 3120

Augment Slots: Two

Damage: 120

Class: Heavy

Description: "These Greataxes are covered with an unpleasant damp soot that never wears off, and veins of black metal that shoot through the shaft's wooden hilt. This treatment has also reinforced its edge, making it almost unblockable and capable of cleaving through flesh and bone with ease."

Obtained From:

Master Greataxe[]

Master Greataxe

Gold Value: 27900

Augment Slots: Three

Damage: 180

Class: Heavy

Description: "This huge weapon should be unwieldy and almost impossible to swing easily, but it sits perfectly in its owner's hand as if it was crafted specifically for them. Like all of the Master Forged weaponry it is both unbreakable and ever sharp."

Obtained From:

Murren Greataxe[]

Main Article: Murren Greataxe

Gold Value: 58800

Augment Slots: Piercing Augmentation

Damage: 240

Class: Heavy

Description: "Little is known of the godlike warrior from whose dead hands this Greataxe was prised. Its deadly blade almost glows with a divine quality."

Obtained From: Hook Coast Lighthouse

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