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Great Shard
Great Shard Concept Art.jpg
Enemy Information
Type Shard
Games Fable II
First Appearance Fable II: Bloodstone Assault
Related Quests Bloodstone Assault

The Great Shard is a larger, more powerful version of a normal Shard in Fable II. It is encountered during the quest Bloodstone Assault after exiting Reaver's Rear Passage and meeting up with Garth and Hammer. It has the ability to unleash waves of Spire Guards and Spire Soldiers. The way to destroy it is to keep repeatedly hitting it with level 4 or 5 Will spells until the white orb comes out, then attacking the orb. If you choose, you can let Garth hit it with his own spells while you hold off the Spire Guards and Soldiers. Destroying it will reward the player with the Shard Shard trophy. It is described as an "Enormous, flying pointy boulder" or "A glorified pebble" by Reaver.


  • To speed up the fight, when it shows its white orb stop attacking the guards (Reaver and Hammer will usually fend them off) and focus everything you have against killing the Great Shard.
  • These Great Shards were used to transport Lucien's men to Bloodstone.
  • The Great Shard serves as the last and toughest boss of the main storyline. It is the only time you work with Hammer, Garth, and Reaver at the same time, and you will immediatly be teleported to Heroes' Hill for the game-ending quests after defeating it.
  • In Fable III, it is implied that the sword Shardborne was crafted from a piece of the Great Shard.
  • When you read the Shard Shard trophy description, it states that this is actually a shard of a shard of a shard, indicating that the Shards are literal shards from the Tattered Spire itself.