Golden Oak

The Golden Oak is a special tree that makes the harvests of Oakfield incredibly plentiful by making the surrounding ground fertile and the air fresh. The Golden Oak lives for only a few decades before producing a single golden acorn. The monks at the Temple of Light then plant this acorn during a holy ritual known as the Golden Oak ritual. Along with the golden acorn, the monks must collect holy water from the Wellspring of Light.

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The Hero of Bowerstone takes part in the The Ritual offered by the Abbot in order to aid the monks he has sent to gather the holy water. After the Hero finds Sister Hannah, completes the quest and the Abbot dies, you will see a Golden Oak sapling on his grave. As a reward you will get a Golden Oak Leaf trophy from it. Later, after The Spire quest, depending on your choices, you will either see the Golden Oak in full bloom where he was buried, or the Golden Oak's rotting stump.

Notes Edit

  • After you complete The Hero of Strength quest, you will receive a Golden Oak Leaf.
  • If you buy the house near the Golden Oak tree you will be able to see it from a window or as you walk in or out of the house.
  • If you complete the Defender of the Light quest, the tree will flourish, but if you do the Oakfield Massacre, it will be a rotten tree stump.
  • The exact origins of the Golden Oak are unknown; Albert the Luminous, who is purported to have found the "first" Golden Acorn in the Wellspring Cave, is the earliest person to document its existence, and the origins of the structures within the caves are a relevant object of debate, if sparsely mentioned by the speculative community.
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