Gold bag
Type Currency
"Be careful when navigating the slopes of your fortune, they can be particularly treacherous, especially on the North Face."
— Jasper on the Hero's fortune.

Gold is the primary currency in Albion in the Fable series of games. Gold can be attained through bar games, killing and looting, trading, completing quests, performing jobs, discovering dig and dive spots, opening treasure chests, renting homes, owning businesses, or receiving it as a gift from a friend or lover. Gold is used to buy many things like weapons, food, gifts, augmentations, clothing, property and furniture.

For hints and tips on how to get gold, see Gold/Hints and Tips.

Fable and The Lost Chapters Edit

In Fable and Fable: The Lost Chapters, you can get gold from renting out property. You have to collect this by walking around to each house and collecting the bag outside of it.

Fable II Edit

In Fable II, it is much easier to collect gold if you set the time and date on your Xbox, you will get gold every five minutes from rent, even if the Xbox is turned off but it has to be plugged in for the clock to work. Or you can just reset the date and time when you next get on, but before you play the disk.

Fable III Edit


In Fable III, gold is acquired through various jobs such as Blacksmithing, Pie Making, and playing the lute. Gold can also be acquired by opening chests on the Road to Rule with Guild Seals, that allow the player to purchase various houses and shops and then rent them out or buy new furniture for houses then selling the houses. Gold plays a very important role in Fable III, as it can be arguably stated that the very lives of every citizen in Albion rest upon not the Hero, but the amount of gold the Hero can raise. This is particularly true in the quests The Weight of the World and Do the Ends Justify the Means?

Trivia Edit

  • In Fable II, the gold sign is the same shape as the Guild Seal.
  • There is a way to exploit trading in Fable: The Lost Chapters to gain gold. For more information, see here.
  • Once Aurora becomes a part of Albion, gold coins become the currency there as well.
  • The maximum amount of gold that one can have in Fable III is 999 million as anything over will cause the player's game to freeze.

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