Glyphs are small symbols written on rocks. They are normally useful in completing complicated powers of Will.

During the age of the third Archon, he demanded the construction of an Oracle to detail and catalogue the history of the kingdom and the world it resided in. To activate this oracle, several glyphs were carved for each individual Oracle. After the fall of the Old Kingdom, however, the Northern Wastes were beset by endless hordes of barbarians and raiders. To protect the Snowspire Oracle, it was decreed that the glyphs would be hidden in the nearby lost city of Necropolis.

In the Lost Chapters quest Oracle of Snowspire, the Hero must find the glyphs that will reactivate the Snowspire Oracle at long last in an attempt to discover the identity of the new evil threatening Albion. The four glyphs used for this procedure are named after the creators of the Oracle; Avisto, Calran, Moryk and Yeron. These are identified by yellow symbols. Other glyphs found in the Necropolis have red symbols. These are cursed and summon waves of creatures to attack.


  • The symbols of the glyphs represents the letters A, C, M and Y. These letters can be used to spell YMCA, the title to a popular song by the Village People. With the expressions, one can copy the dance used with the song.
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