The Glowing Trail, or Breadcrumb Trail, is a system first introduced in Fable II that reappears in Fable III. It is a golden-coloured glowing trail that leads the player to the start of a quest or to an objective within a quest. In-game advice is to use the trail but to not follow it too closely in order to find as many useful items or secrets in the areas around the trail as possible for full enjoyment of the game. The brightness can be adjusted, or the trail can be switched off altogether.

The Glowing Trail system makes a minor appearance in Fable: The Journey where Glowing Circles mark the locations of Optional Stops.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Often, the Glowing Trail will bug or glitch and try to lead the player in the wrong direction, or disappear entirely. Sometimes the trail does not give the most straightforward path and will give odd directions, like leading around a signpost instead of following a road. This specific example is best seen during the quest "The Hero of Will" on the way to Brightwood, and sometimes with other quests where the trail leads to Brightwood. In general, this bug occurs in wide, open areas, such as in the region Bower Lake.
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