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Gifts are items that can be given to someone in order to increase your relationship with them in Fable, Fable TLC, Fable Anniversary, Fable II and Fable III. They are sure to put a smile on anyone's face and you can also use them to begin a romantic relationship with villagers.

Fable, Fable: The Lost Chapters and Fable AnniversaryEdit

Gifts in Fable, Fable: The Lost Chapters and Fable Anniversary are used to improve the Hero's relationships with villagers. Most gifts serve the purpose of making someone fall in love with you. Additionally, giving someone a wedding ring will allow the Hero to get married. Gifts can be found in several places or can be purchased from general stores and travelling traders. The gifts found in these games are:

Fable IIEdit

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Gifts in Fable II are used both to woo others romantically, or simply as a kind gesture for a friend. Gifts will increase your morality by one point for every 100 Gold of the base value of the item given. Toys are a new kind of gift that is preferred by children. Besides gifts, most items in Fable II can be given to villagers as gifts, including clothing and weapons. Gifts are rated by stars, as are all items in Fable II. The different kinds of gifts include chocolates, flowers, gems, wedding rings, perfume and Autograph Cards. They can also be sold for various amount of money.

Fable IIIEdit

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Gifts in Fable III, although sharing similar purposes as those seen in Fable II, are now less in variety and can't be given to just any villager. There is no longer a star rating system for gifts or any items in Fable III. You may give a gift of 10 Gold coins to a beggar or children in some areas. Otherwise, the only time you can give a gift to a villager is when it is specifically requested as part of a relationship quest and they will only accept that exact item, for example: if you receive a relationship quest from your daughter and she asks for a Ragdoll, a Porcelain Doll will not suffice even though it appears to be a better quality item.

Items can also be gifted to other players either in local Co-op or over Xbox LIVE via the Gift Room in the Sanctuary. In Fable III, giving gifts to other players is also part of some weapon augment requirements to have the player gift items to another.


  • The Black Rose gift seems to lower a relationship rather than increase it (except in the case of Lady Grey before marriage).
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