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Gift Wood for Driftwood
Type Side Quest
Preceding Pest Control
Succeeding None
Start Driftwood
End Silverpines
Reward 10 Guild Seals
Achievement icon.pngIsland Paradise

Gift Wood for Driftwood is the last quest in the Driftwood series of quests in Fable III. It will appear on your quest list after completing The Masquerade. Although you can do this quest before doing the quest An Island Getaway, all three are required to unlock the achievement Island Paradise, and you can return to Driftwood afterwards to explore the area in its entirety.


Return to the new camp on the first island of Driftwood. The inhabitants want to expand their settlement again, and ask for you to deliver a letter to a carpenter who lives in Silverpines.

Fast travel or walk to Silverpines and just follow the road, it's not possible to get lost as there is only one way. Along the way you'll meet several balverines, usually in groups of three. If you are a ranged weapon user it's very easy standing in range and shooting them, that way if they spot you they'll most likely be dead before reaching you. About midway you'll reach a small settlement but just continue past this and kill more balverines until you reach a small cottage.

It's surrounded by wolves and balverines and once you kill them all, which is easier with the slow time potion, you can go inside and deliver the letter to the carpenter who will be glad to leave the balverine infested forest.

The carpenter will further add bridges and caravans to Driftwood, finally completing it, and allowing you to reach the gold key.

Tip: One can circumvent obnoxious enemy encounters, if so inclined for whatever reason (weary of unnecessary fighting, no relevant weapon upgrades needed, etc.), by simply carefully highlighting the isolated, northerly building wherein the carpenter dwells, and keeping the building highlighted, select fast travel. Simply then walk into the abode and the side-quest is finished.


The inhabitants of Driftwood need a letter delivered.


Driftwood is going to have a new resident. Perhaps he can give this settlement the structure it needs.

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