Ghost Pirates
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Enemy Information
Type Ghost
Games Fable II
First Appearance The Sinkhole
Related Quests Treasure Island of Doom!

Ghost Pirates are a new enemy in Fable II

The souls of former pirates, the ghost pirates of Fable II are encountered in the Treasure Island of Doom! quest. They represent the former crew of the once-feared pirate king Captain Dread. They are found in The Sinkhole and aboard Dread's ship, the Marianne.

Once the Hero of Bowerstone begins their exploration of The Sinkhole and the Marianne, they will start to encounter the Ghost Pirates. Ghost Pirates primarily act like live-bandits, utilizing a combination of Rusty and Iron weapons to encircle their target and slowly take them out. Unlike bandits, however, Ghost Pirates attack in massive swarms, especially when Captain Dread himself fights the Hero. Fortunatley, they are fairly easy to kill.

Even though they are ghosts, they can still be killed with a melee weapon. One interesting feature to take into account is that if the Hero is using an augment such as the Ghoul Augment, they will not recieve any health upon killing a Ghost Pirate.


  • Like shadows, if a Ghost Pirate is killed with a headshot the body will fail to fade away and will remain, although it is harder to notice the body due to its transparent nature.
  • If killed by Shock, or the damage over time of Shock, they become ghostly transparent skeletons.
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