Garth's Journal
Type Book
Source Chest (At the top of Brightwood Tower)
Base value 40 Gold
Stars 1star

Garth's Journal is a book describing the many different experiments and inventions conducted and created by the Will user Garth. It can be found within a chest (near the bed leading to Nightmare Hollow) at the top of the Brightwood Tower in Fable II.

Contents of BookEdit

This journal tracks the progress of Garth's many experiments into the occult, from the invention of new Will spells to the preparation of potions. His latest entries concern his latest acquisition, a seemingly normal bed that acts as a conduit to another dimension:
"The object's power exceeds all my expectations. Despite all that I have read about these Old Kingdom relics, and their power to transport one to their own self-contained universes, I wasn't prepared for them having a personality. I shall try to ascertain just how concious it is in my next few journeys, though I do feel some trepidation about what else I might discover."

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