Gargoyle Map
Gargoyle Map
Type Book
Base value 5 gold
Stars 1star

The Gargoyle Map is acquired after destroying your first gargoyle. Use it to discover the location of the Gargoyle's Trove.

Contents of Book Edit

This ancient scroll, found among the rubble of the stone gargoyle you destroyed, contains the following words: "Ach, think you're right smart arse, don't you? Well you'll never find the Lost Gargoyle Treasure. Not in a million years. It's too well hidden in the river dungeon of the City of Stones. So there!" At the bottom of the scroll is a detailed map showing a location in Bowerstone Market.


  • The letter may possibly be mocking the character's intelligence, as it claims they'd never be able to find the entrance of the dungeon, however it shows you where it is, tying in with the nature of the Gargoyles themselves.

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