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Gargoyle's Trove
Dungeon in Bowerstone Market
Gargoyle's Trove
Location Information
Related Quests The Gargoyles
Exits Bowerstone Market

Gargoyle's Trove is a large dungeon hidden underneath the river in Bowerstone Market, and accessible via a dive spot underneath the bridge. The trove contains the hidden treasures of the gargoyles, and is visited multiple times during the associated side quest.

The trove contains five large portcullises, each of which will open after a certain number of gargoyles are destroyed. Behind each portcullis is a staircase leading to a treasure chest, and a pressure plate. The pressure plates activate portions of an invisible path across a chasm to the final treasure chest. Inside of the final chest is a joke prize: a Rotten Apple; Gargoyles can be heard laughing after you open the chest. Behind this final chest, a breakable wall provides access to a seventh chest containing the real reward for completing the quest: The Rammer.


Chest Gargoyles Treasure
1. 10 Dog Tricks! The Growl
2. 20 Potion of Life
3. 30 Emerald x 3
4. 40 10,000 gold
5. 50 Ghoul Augment
6. 50 Rotten apple (joke prize)
7. 50 The Rammer


  • In Fable III, there is a dive spot at the same location that rewards the player with a varying amount of gold. At the bottom of the river, a grate adorned with the image of a gargoyle can be seen, blocking all access to the trove.

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Fable II Gargoyle treasure

Fable II Gargoyle treasure

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