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Frying Pan

Frying Pan

Frying Pan

Weapon Information
Type Heavy
Damage 100
Base Value 20
Augmentations Empty Slot x5
(Anniversary has x4)
Acquisition Orchard Farm

The Frying Pan is a weapon that can be found in Fable, Fable: The Lost Chapters, and Fable Anniversary.

To get it, you must find all six treasure clues and then dig it up in Orchard Farm. If you obtain it before you have all six clues, it will cause no damage and will not have any augment slots.

Though the pan's damage is relatively low, its five augment slots potentially make it a very powerful weapon. Only four slots will appear on screen, but as long as you put all five augments on the pan at the same time (not leaving the weapons menu), it can have five.

Fable AnniversaryEdit

In Fable Anniversary, this weapon will appear to have only three augment slots, but four augments can be added, if you do them all at once. The number of augment slots has been returned by the recent patch.[1]

Tips Edit

  • Putting five Mana Augmentations in the Frying Pan will recharge your mana faster than anything else.
  • To charge your mana even faster, buy a Master Longbow or Crossbow and put in three more Mana Augmentations. This will give you a grand total of eight and is a great combo for heavy Will users. With all eight Mana Augmentations, you can cast the Lightning spell for nearly four minutes straight.
  • You can also use this weapon as a damaging weapon. With five complete sharpening augmentations, you can pump the damage right up to 165+.
  • In Fable: The Lost Chapters, it can be Re-augmented by selling it to the Snowspire weapons shop and then buying it back. Selling a weapon automatically de-augments anything that a player puts on it.
  • The Frying Pan has an impression of a man's face on it as if it was slammed into said part with extreme force.
  • If you dig up the Frying Pan before you find all six treasure clues, the Hero will hold it as if it were a single-handed longsword. After finding all the clues, the Frying Pan will be held as if it were a two-handed greatsword.
  • For the achievement, you can still dig up the Frying pan, then summon a creature and hit him, even with zero damage. All the clues are needed, only, if you want to use it for more than an achievement.

Fable II Edit

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Fable Anniversary - How To Get The Frying Pan

Fable Anniversary - How To Get The Frying Pan

How to get the Frying Pan

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