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Four Apples
Quest Card Emblem.png
Type Side Quest
Preceding Melee Combat Test
Succeeding None
Start Heroes' Guild
End Heroes' Guild
Reward Blueberry Pie

Four Apples is a side quest in Fable, Fable: The Lost Chapters, and Fable Anniversary.

Quest Summary[]

Find four Cooking Apples for a Guild servant.


1. Talk to the servant in the Servant's Quarters.

2. Find four Cooking Apples.

3. Return them to the servant for your reward.


One of the Heroes' Guild servants needs to bake an Apple Pie for the Guildmaster soon. She can't seem to find any more Cooking Apples though. She needs four more, and she'll give you a little treat if you find them.


Walk to the Servant's Quarters, near the Archery ring. Talk to the servant standing near the wall, and she'll tell you she needs some Cooking Apples to bake an Apple Pie. Outside, there are seven of these needed apples scattered about. Find four and return them to the servant. All four can be found in the triangle formed by the melee ring, the archery range and the entrance to the Guild Woods. Two more are by the bridge to the Will test, and the last is near the bridge by the archery range. She'll reward you with a freshly baked Blueberry Pie; the only one in the whole game!


Mmm, Blueberry pie. Tasty.


  • The female servant who asks you to perform this quest is referred to as "Apple Girl" in the game files.
  • Cooking Apples are the only apples that will be accepted. Green Apples, which are much more common, will be refused.
  • Any apples that are left will vanish when the Guild Training quest is completed.
  • If you sell the apples before completing the training, you can buy them back once you become a hero, but you can't use them.
  • There is a way to get multiple blueberry pies using the Hero Save system within the game.
    • Save the game, reload the quest and repeat. However, this will go back to the cutscenes where the Hero is arriving at the guild, not the numerous smaller quests regarding training.

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