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Forsaken Fortress
Area of Brightwood
Forsaken Fortress.jpg
Location Information
Related Quests The Hit
Enemies Highwaymen
NPCs Darius Zing
Exits Brightwood

The Forsaken Fortress is an area in Brightwood where the Highwayman's Guild has its headquarters. After escaping from The Spire you will be attacked by Highwaymen who have a contract on you. Each group you kill will provide you with a piece of a map. Once you have defeated four groups, you will have the full map and it will show you their location in Brightwood.

You can find the path to the Forsaken Fortress is near the road to The Bandit Coast. To your right when you're going towards it, go under the arch and keep going until you reach some steps, turn left instead and you'll enter the Forsaken Fortress. After following the small path of wilderness take the first right up the stairs. About half way into the stone path turn right, look off the balcony, and the gargoyle will be on rock just off the side.

Upon entering the mini-zone the bright sunny skies of Brightwood are replaced by a dreary grey sky and the land is covered in a light fog. The fortress is a large ruined stone structure. The crumbling ruins are composed of six large rooms connected by stairs and walkways. The ruins are littered with broken masonry, trees and pools of water. Upon entering the fortress you will be attacked by Highwaymen and Darius Zing.


  • Chests: 5
  • Dig spots: 5
  • Gargoyle: 1


  • The Forsaken Fortress is also the name of an Island on The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.