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Try to Stop Jack of Blades

Focus Sites are structures scattered around Albion that serve some purpose in the ritual required to summon and empower the Sword of Aeons. They are visible throughout the game, but their purpose does not become evident until Jack of Blades activates them using the Septimal Key during the Try to Stop Jack of Blades quest.

The sites take the appearance of a spherical, patterned rock surrounded by a base and Old Kingdom structures.

Trivia Edit

  • It is never stated who constructed the Focus Sites, but according to the book "The Old Kingdom", the Focus Sites date back at least to the time of the Old Kingdom, before the disappearance of the Archon and the Sword of Aeons.
  • In Fable III, the description of the weapon Jack's Hammer states that Jack of Blades used the Hammer itself to activate the Focus Sites. It also mistakenly refers to the Sites as "focal sites."
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