Flower Power
3Icon Flower
Achievement icon Achievement Information
Gamerscore 30 Gamerscore
Description Collect all 30 Auroran flowers.

Flower Power is an achievement in Fable III. It requires the player to find all 30 flowers in Aurora.


This achievement is rewarded as soon as you collect all 30 Auroran Flowers, regardless of if you are completing the associated quest Temple's Treasure or not.


  • Though it is possible to complete this achievement as soon as the judgment on Aurora is made (towards the beginning of Weight of the World. It's recommended to wait until completing the main storyline to complete it as doing so allows other Aurora quests, which only become available after the end of the main story to be completed at the same time, including The Prophetic Hermit and The Key to a Greater Key
  • For a full list of flower locations, see the Temple's Treasure page.

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