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Flit Switches are floating orbs in Fable II and Fable III that must be hit by either melee weapons, ranged weapons, or will according to colour. Blue switches must be hit by melee weapons, yellow switches by ranged weapons, and red switches by will.

Flit switches are most commonly used in succession in order to open a door or gate.

There are three types of 'Flit Switch':

Range Switch: A yellow switch indicated with a Cross Hair.

Magic Switch: A red switch indicated with a Lightning Bolt.

Melee Switch: A blue switch indicated with a Sword (Upside down).

No matter where you are looking with the camera the flit switch will always be facing you. With the image facing you, indicating what has to be done to activate it.

In Fable III, you are first able to use Melee and Ranged weapons after you have discovered the flit switch for each in the Reliquary.

Hitting a flit switch means you are opening up an area that was currently closed off due to the necessity of the situation, usually stating that your character was not equipped to fight the monsters in the next area. In Fable III, most flit switches, after the first three you encounter, will open up a new area where either a rare weapon is held or something equally important.


  • In the Colosseum, flit switches can be hit to increase your point multiplier.
  • In the See the Future DLC, in the Cursed Snowglobe, the citizens of Oakvale believe flit switches are animals, referring to them as "butterflies" and "fat birds".
  • In Fable III, they have changed slightly in appearance. They can be found in the Reliquary, Mourningwood's Dark Sanctum, Aurora's Veiled Path (The Enigma), Driftwood, Bowerstone Castle, Bowerstone Old Quarter (during a quest), and the Auroran Mine (if you chose to build it).