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Fisherman's Hat
Fisherman's Hat.jpg
Type Armour
Effects 50 Armour
+10 Attractiveness
-5 Scariness
Source Fishing Competition
Related Quests Fishing Competition
Base value 105 gold

The Fisherman's Hat is an item of clothing in Fable: The Lost Chapters and Fable Anniversary. It is received as a reward from the Fisherman during the Fishing Competition side quest, for catching a fish weighing 50g or more.


A strong aroma of dead fish permeates this hat, decorated as it is with the hooks of great fishermen of the past.


The Fisherman's Hat is only obtainable after you help the Fisherman clear the wasps from Fisher Creek. He will reward you with a normal Fishing Rod and show you how to catch fish. This will allow you to compete in the Fishing Competition.

The Fisherman's Hat is earned by trying to get the biggest fish you can during the Fishing Competition side quest (weighing at least 50g or more). The top prize is a Fisherman's Hat, while the second place prize is a Silver key and the third place prize is The Rod of Champions. If the first fish you give him beats the top prize margin, he will give you all three prizes, and it's analogically if you beat second place right away.


  • Even though the Fisherman gives you his rare hat, he is still wearing it.

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