Fireball Spell Gauntlet
Weapon Information
Type Gauntlet
Damage See Base Damage
Base Value 1 Guild Seal
Acquisition Road to Rule Gate 1
"Why just stab or shoot your enemies when you can set them on fire?"
— Jasper

The Fireball Spell Gauntlet is the first gauntlet obtained in Fable III. It is automatically unlocked in the Leaving the Castle quest when you pass through the first gate of the Road to Rule and are required to open the Fireball Spell chest. Unlike Fable/TLC and Fable II, in Fable III the Hero of Brightwall must use gauntlets to channel Will and perform spells. This gauntlet's spell is equivalent to the Enflame and Fireball spells of Fable, or the Inferno spell of Fable II. This gauntlet, along with the other magic gauntlets of Fable III, can be combined together for devastating results through the process of Spell Weaving. For example: weaving the Fireball Spell Gauntlet with the Shock Spell Gauntlet both stuns and burns the intended targets.

Description Edit

There are two different descriptions available for this gauntlet: one from the Road to Rule chest, labelled as Fireball Spell, and one available in the Armoury of the Sanctuary, labelled as Fireball Spell Gauntlet. Both are included below.

Fireball Spell

Fireball burns your targets and blasts them back a step.

Fireball Spell Gauntlet

Send forth a ball of trailing flames at your enemies, with a chance of setting them on fire. Combines well with the Blades gauntlet.

Base Damage Edit

Fireball Spell Damage[1]

Star Level 0 1 2 3 4 5
Charge Level 0 Aimed 15 18 23 29 50 70
Charge Level 0 Area-of-Effect 10 12 14 17 28 38
Charge Level 1 Aimed 104 68 87 109 189 265
Charge Level 1 Area-of-Effect 54 36 46 56 97 135
Charge Level 2 Aimed 264 286 106 137 246 350
Charge Level 2 Area-of-Effect 140 101 61 76 131 183
Charge Level 3 Aimed 628 473 298 193 357 515
Charge Level 3 Area-of-Effect 304 210 152 100 180 260
Charge Level 4 Aimed 1198 806 733 445 540 770
Charge Level 4 Area-of-Effect 629 408 386 228 270 390

NOTES: This is based on the star level of the weapon. Does NOT factor in Magical Aura multiplier. Italicised figures are rounded to the nearest whole number. To see the exact figure, hover over the cell.

Legendary Weapon Augments Edit

Many legendary weapons in Fable III have augments that require kills with an unwoven Fireball spell to unlock bonuses. The weapons listed below have this requirement.

Swords Edit

Hammers Edit

Rifles Edit

Notes Edit

  • When you are escaping the Catacombs and kill the last wave of bats with this spell, Sir Walter will say "Well, you've certainly gotten the hang of that spell."
  • Mercenary Leaders can be seen "casting" something akin to this spell without gauntlets. Some mercenary leaders, however, hurl a bottle full of flammable liquid with a burning rag around the bottleneck at the target instead.
  • Jasper will sometimes comment on how burning your foes will have a psychological effect on his allies unless they are cold-hearted brigands or mindless animals; which covers the vast majority of your enemies.
  • When using the mortar from the Hollow Legion quest, the mortar bombs look like large fireballs.
  • Using a lot of unwoven fire magic might cause your Hero Weapons to receive an aura of flames.


References Edit

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