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Fire Assassin Outfit

The Fire assassin Outfit is an outfit in Fable: The Lost Chapters and Fable Anniversary.

Description Edit

The Fire Assassins were members of a Dragon cult outlawed by the Old Kingdom. They burned the blood of their victims in dark rituals intended to gain favour with the Dragons of the North.

Consists of 4 parts:

  • Fire Assassin Shirt (200)
  • Fire Assassin Gloves (50)
  • Fire Assassin Trousers (174)
  • Fire Assassin Boots (25)

Total Armour Rating: 487

Attractiveness: 0

Scariness: +50

Alignment Modifier: -23

Notes Edit

  • It can be found throughout the houses of Snowspire Village
  • This outfit has the exact same stats as the Assassin Outfit and has only cosmetic differences. The colour matches that of the Bandit Bandana, which, when worn all together, will cover almost the entire Hero.

Map with the locations of each piece marked.

Videos Edit

Fable Anniversary - Fire Assassin Outfit Location!

Fable Anniversary - Fire Assassin Outfit Location!

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