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Find the Archaeologist
Quest Card Emblem.png
Type Gold Quest Icon.png Gold Quest
Preceding Maze's Request
Succeeding White Balverine
Start Heroes' Guild
End Witchwood Stones
Reward 1200 Gold
Trophies None
Boasts 0

Find the Archaeologist is a gold quest in Fable, Fable: The Lost Chapters, and Fable Anniversary.


Meet up with Maze in his tower at the Guild. He will tell you that an archaeologist friend of his has gone missing and will request that you go find him. He was last known to be in Witchwood and will tell you to use the Cullis Gate to get there.

He is behind the Demon Door in the second area of Witchwood called Witchwood Stones. The door will only open if you spell out its name on the stones in the northern area of the map. Note that when the demon door says "HIT the stones to spell out my name", he really means whacking them with a sword or your fists.

You can learn its name from a guy at the Temple of Avo by giving him a ruby or beating him up. He will tell you the name is Hits. It is also possible to bypass the informant and simply spell out HITS without talking to him at all.

When you hit the stones, they will call out the letter they represent. The broken one is H and the one diagonal from that is the I, one south of the I is the T and the last one is the S. Pressing the interact button (A on Xbox) will tell you what letter each stone will call out without activating it.

Head back to the Demon Door who will then open. Inside is a cut scene with the man you were looking for as well as a chest with chain mail leggings and a few books scattering the floor.

Easter Egg[]

Hit the letters in the following sequence: S, H, I, T. The voice will then say the word and two balverines will drop down for you to fight. If repeated a second time, the voice will say the word again but there will be no additional balverines.


  • After completing this quest, run to Knothole Glade to fight some balverines and unlock the cullis gate for a quick return when you accept the white balverine quest.
  • This is one of two quests where players can take advantage of the Hero Save, in Fable and Fable: The Lost Chapters, to reduce their age at the Temple of Avo.

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