The Fate Cards appear to be the counterpart of real-world Tarot cards. The cards are depicted below (click one to view it better). Theresa gives them to you at the start of The Journey Begins, and they have a base value of 5 gold.


Theresa initially gives you these cards as a way to learn of the three Heroes you are expected to recruit on your journey. However, there are two additional cards: The Choice most likely refers to the inevitable decision between The Needs of Many, The Needs of Few, and The Needs of One; or the decision of morality deciphered throughout the game; although it may also refer to the Hero's decision to leave Rose and the Perfect World in order to defeat Lucien, as Theresa describes it as a painful decision that they must ultimately make, but one that will yield a great reward. The Relic has been interpreted as a reference to the fabled Tattered Spire, but more likely refers to the Music Box, as it was "...created by those who foresaw the terror of the Spire."


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