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The Fat Potions are potions only available on Knothole Island. They increase body weight, at the cost of purity. These potions are brought from the cosmetician, or found as random loot in Chests and Dig Spots.

Types of Fat Potion Edit

Name Stars Description Purity Fatness Base Value
Holiday Weight Potion 1star Trousers feeling a bit loose? It may be time to expand your waist. -15.0 20.0 250
Chubby Potion 2stars Nobody likes seeing pure muscle. Adorn it with some magical flab. -15.0 40.0 400
Belt Buster Potion 3stars What better way to put on some weight without tasting any delicious food? -15.0 60.0 550
Blubber Lover Potion 4stars It's never been easier to become overweight. -15.0 80.0 650
Fatty Behemoth Potion 5stars For those who will stop at nothing to achieve their dream of obesity. -15.0 100.0 750

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