Fashion Victim
Fashion Victim
Achievement icon Achievement Information
Gamerscore 20 Gamerscore
Description Collect every item of clothing.

Fashion Victim is an achievement in Fable III. It is unlocked by collecting every piece of clothing available including both monarch suits. There are 106 in all.

Many sets of clothing can be purchased from Tailors in different regions and other pieces can be found as treasure in chests, dig spots and certain gifts from NPCs.

Notes Edit

  • You obtain the Masquerade Suit of your gender during the quest The Masquerade, and during the preceding quest both the male and female sets can be found in Bowerstone Market. However, after completing the quest they will usually only be obtainable by trading with another player.
  • The Cook's Hat can always be found in a chest in the cellar of the Sandgoose Museum in Understone (Understone DLC); otherwise you must wait for it as a random gift from the Bowerstone Castle cook. (Cooks are the male servants wearing the apron and hat in the kitchen, and should not be confused with the more numerous generic male castle staff.) It may also be found at a random dig spot.
  • To get the monarch suit (King's Suit or Queen's Suit) of the opposite gender, you will need to trade with another player on Xbox LIVE, or another profile on your own Xbox, therefore it is recommended that you play completely through the story with both a Male and a Female hero.
  • DLC clothing DOES NOT count towards the achievement.
  • This achievement counts clothing acquired in any way (e.i., you can steal from clothing shops, find them in chests, dig spots, furniture, or as gifts from NPC's).

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