Quests Required: The Blind Date or Red Harvest need to be completed in order to gain the Portcullis Key.

Farm Cellar
Tomb in Brightwood
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Location Information
Enemies Hollow Men
Exits Brightwood

The Farm Cellar is underneath Giles's Farm. Before The Spire quest, the entrance is located next to Giles' small house. If the player chooses the Cold Comfort Farmer quest, it will be accessible through a cellar door in the barn after The Spire quest. Otherwise, after Red Harvest, the location will remain unchanged. In the cellar is a locked portcullis, and – if you chose to complete Red Harvest – a chest with Giles' Manuscript in. The portcullis is unlocked using Giles' Cellar Key. It can either be taken from Giles' Grave (Red Harvest) or received when buying the farm after the The Blind Date quest (Cold Comfort Farmer). Beyond the portcullis, there are several Hollow Men that guard Giles' legendary weapon, The Enforcer.

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