Region of the Edgelands
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Location Information
Featured in Fable: The Journey
Related Quests The Storm
On the Run
A Friend in Need
A Turn in the Road
Enemies Rockmites
NPCs Theresa
Exits The Albion Way
The Spirit Chambers

Fairwood is a semi-forested region in the Edgelands that is traversed during Fable: The Journey. A tunnel through the hills connects the region to the Albion Way in the west, and the main road to the east passes through Thornhatch before descending into the dense forest of Thorndeep. The region is littered with abandoned villages and inns that struggled to make a living following the opening of Reaver's Reach.

Duncton's Halt Edit

At the western end of the region, Duncton's Halt used to be a thriving village, but now lies deserted.

Hutch's Halt Edit

Hutch's Halt is a still-functioning Rest Stop in the middle of Fairwood. A wooden lean-to provides shelter for weary travellers, but there is little here besides.

Tor's Creek Edit

Tor's Creek is a small stream that flows out of the Mare's Teeth Hills southwards into the River Ironwash. In the base of the hillside, a carved stone doorway leads into the Spirit Chambers.

Thornhatch Edit

Thornhatch is a small area between Mare's Teeth Hills and Thorndeep Forest. Sparse conifers litter the side of the road, and a few Old Kingdom ruins can be found scattered throughout the area.

Thornhatch Halt Edit

Beside a cluster of ruins in a natural cavern between two rock arches sits a large campsite. The field contains a water trough and a few trees. A waterfall flows out of the cliff face in the back corner of the field.

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