Port Town in Samarkand
Location Information
Featured in Fable: Edge of the World

Fairwinds is the main port town of the desert continent of Samarkand.

Located in southern Samarkand, the only part of the continent with any direct access to the sea, Fairwinds is the primary link Samarkand has to Albion, Aurora, and the rest of the unknown world. It saw much trade between Samarkand and Aurora, and as such, was described as being extremely wealthy.

Seven years after the events of Fable III, as the Hero of Brightwall led Albion into an era of unprecedented peace and prosperity, the horrible entity known only as the darkness returned around the same time that a mysterious woman known as the Empress siezed power in Samarkand. Taking a regiment of the Albion Royal Army, along with friends and revolutionary allies like Ben Finn and Kalin and a local guide named Shan, the Hero of Brightwall intended to land in Fairwinds, the only real access point between Samarkand and Albion. However, when land was in sight, an attack by ships crewed by hollow men forced the group ashore early. Rather than face more enemy forces at Fairwinds, the Hero decides to take the longer and more difficult route across open desert to reach the Great Trade Road, concluding that the inhabitants of Fairwinds were either under the domain of the Empress or dead.

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