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Fairfax Gardens
District of Bowerstone
Location Information
Related Quests The Archaeologist
Love Hurts
Castle Fairfax
Exits Regions
Bowerstone Market
Lady Grey's Tomb
Fairfax Tomb
Shops Travelling Traders

Fairfax Gardens is an upper class district that is the site of Fairfax Castle, the most expensive and luxurious property in Albion. It also contains its own personal guards. It was named after the Fairfax Family.

There are also two locked gates inside the area, which cannot be opened until you get the Love Hurts quest, in which you must go into the tomb and retrieve Lady Grey's head. One of the locked gates is the entrance, and the other the exit.

There is a Statue plinth here in the center of a flowing fountain which you can put a statue on for 500 gold.


There are no shops as such but there are numerous travelling traders found here which sell speciality goods. This region has one of the strongest economies, as it is almost always at a five star rating. This makes the travelling traders raise the prices on their goods up to 37%.


The area has no Sheriff, but contains the toughest guards in Albion, the High Guards. They wear blue and white instead of the normal browns.

Demon Door[]

The Sanctum: This face of stone is directly under the entrance to Fairfax Castle, it claims to be the oldest door, constructed in the Old Kingdom. It also claims to have received such illustrious visitors as William Black, Scythe and even Jack of Blades. To gain entrance to this upper class door, your Hero has to open the other Demon Doors in Albion.

Gold Exploit[]

Due to the high economy in this area of Albion, players can buy weapons or jewels from other towns in Albion and sell them in Fairfax Gardens for a much higher price than in the other lower economy towns, especially if there is a sale going on. Though it is recommended that the main guinea pig town used to be Bowerstone Old Town , due to how close it is to Fairfax and because of its lower economy.


  • There is a gravestone here referencing Peter Molyneux, saying, "PDM. This is the best grave and will change the way people look at final resting places forever."

Fast Travel[]

This area contains three fast travel locations.

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