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Factory 'Volunteers'
Fable III Shot2.jpg
Type Recurring
Preceding Do the Ends Justify the Means?
Succeeding None
Start Bowerstone Industrial
End Bowerstone Industrial
Reward Varied Gold
10 Evil

Factory 'Volunteers' is a recurring evil side quest in Bowerstone Industrial in Fable III. It becomes available after completing the main quest. The quest can be used to help your hero gain money, but its main purpose is in fulfilling augment requirements found on certain legendary weapons. Unlike child labour in Bowerstone Industrial it can not be removed.


Talk to the highlighted supervisor in the factory by the Mourningwood tunnel to start this quest. Leave the factory and look for a suitable candidate. Then simply grab them by the hand and drag them back to the supervisor to receive your reward.


Find a 'volunteer' and put them to work in the factory in Bowerstone Industrial.


Factory output is up. The owner is pleased, but the workers aren't going to be thanking you any time soon.


  • Between 1000 and 6000 gold, based on the social class of the citizen. The reward is 10000 gold if the 'volunteer' is the Hero's spouse, however the spouse will end up dead when the Hero leaves the region (bug?).
  • Morality −10


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