Fable II Limited Collectors Edition
Fable II Limited Collectors Edition
Type Action Role Playing Game
Developer Lionhead Studios
Publisher Microsoft Game Studios
Platform Xbox 360
Release Date NA: 21 October 2008
AUS: 23 October 2008
EU: 24 October 2008

Fable II Limited Collectors Edition is a version of Fable II. It is the original game with lots of bonus content. From February 2014, the in-game content has also been available for purchase from the Xbox Live Marketplace for $1.99/£1.29, with the name "Fable II Bonus Game Content".

Bonus Content Edit

The Collector's Edition features :

  • 1 Bonus DVD: Videos, New Making-of Feature, Roaming Hobbe short, Concept art viewer
  • 1 token card for in-game content (downloadable over Xbox LIVE)
  • 1 LIVE trial card – 48 hours
  • “The Wreckager” Legendary Cutlass Weapon
  • “The Hall of the Dead” Dungeon
  • Otherworldly bonus (Spartan Armour and an Energy Sword) - advertised with image of an outfit reminiscent of Master Chief, or Hal as they call him. You can also earn the Hero Title of Master Chief from the local Town Crier.

The Wreckager Edit

To get The Wreckager you have to go to the city of Bloodstone. Go down to the docks and dive, swim until you find a diving spot saying Hall of the Dead, dive here and complete the trials of the dungeon for your prize.

Otherworldly Bonus Edit

The Otherworldly Bonus is armour and a sword that looks like Master Chief's armour and the Sangheili Energy Sword You get Hal's Armour and Sword by opening the chest next to the first Cullis Gate you come across in the game, which is the gate in the Guild where you are sent by Theresa in the beginning of adolescence.

Note Edit

In order to reach the Hall of the Dead to get The Wreckager and open the chest in the Guild for the Otherworldly Bonus, you must first enter the code that came with the Limited Collector's Edition. If the code is not entered, the game will be treated as the regular edition Fable II.

Video Edit

Where to find Limited Collector's Edition Content

Where to find Limited Collector's Edition Content

LCE Content Locations

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