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In Fable II, the armour feature present in Fable and Fable TLC has been abolished, and in its place is clothes that only affect your appearance and attractiveness. As for protection, toughness in the strength category has taken over. The higher your toughness meter, the more health that you will have and more damage you can take.

Fable II Outfits[]

Male Lower Class Outfit

  • Pauper Hat
  • Pauper Shirt
  • Pauper Gloves
  • Pauper Trousers
  • Pauper Boots

Female Lower Class Outfit

  • Pauper Bonnet
  • Patchy Coat
  • Pauper Blouse
  • Pauper Skirt

Male Middle Class Outfit

  • Charlie's Hat
  • Cuffed Overcoat
  • Vintage Vest and Shirt Combo
  • Felt-Lined Carriage Gloves
  • Classic Chequered Trousers
  • Buckled Loafers

Boor-Zhwah (Female Middle Class Outfit)

  • Urban Capolain
  • Double Belted Jacket
  • Embroidered Day Tunic
  • Signature Skirt
  • Mid-Calf Bootie

Male Upper Class Outfit

  • Noble Gent's Hat
  • Noble Gent's Coat
  • Noble Gent's Shirt
  • Noble Gent's Trousers
  • Noble Gent's Shoes

Female Upper Class Outfit

  • Noble Lady's Boots
  • Noble Lady's Hat
  • Noble Skirt
  • Noble Blouse

Male Gypsy Outfit

  • Striped Bandana
  • Gypsy Male Shirt
  • Gypsy Male Trousers
  • Clogs

Female Gypsy Outfit

  • Gossamer Head Wrap
  • Sun Vest
  • Layered Skirt
  • Leather Boots

Hal's Outfit (Collector's Edition/DLC)

  • Hal's Helmet
  • Hal's Body Armour
  • Hal's Gloves
  • Hal's Leg Armour
  • Hal's Boots

Bandit Outfit

  • Bandit Bandana
  • Bandit Shirt
  • Bandit Gloves
  • Bandit Trousers
  • Bandit Boots

Highwayman Outfit

  • Highwayman Hat
  • Highwayman Coat
  • Highwayman Gloves
  • Highwayman Trousers
  • Highwayman Boots
  • Highwayman Mask

Hot Date Outfit

  • Crop Top Jacket
  • Corset
  • Hot Pants
  • Thigh Boots

Shadow-Worshipper Outfit

  • Shadow-Worshipper Robe
  • Shadow-Worshipper Mask

Monk Outfit

  • Monk Robes
  • Monk Gloves
  • Monk Boots

Lad of The Night Outfit

  • Merchant's Cap
  • Knotted Shirt
  • Harlequin Trousers

Spire Guard Outfit

  • Spire Guard Headband
  • Spire Guard Overcoat
  • Spire Guard Gloves
  • Spire Guard Trousers
  • Spire Guard Boots

Chicken Suit

  • Chicken Suit Headpiece
  • Chicken Suit Body
  • Chicken Suit Feet

Ranger Outfit

  • Ranger Coat
  • Ranger Trousers

Harlot Outfit

  • Lover's Plume
  • Tart Bodice
  • Tart Gloves
  • Tart Skirt
  • Tart Boots

Will User Outfit

  • Archmage Cap
  • Will User Robe
  • Will User Trousers

Wizard Outfit

  • Wizard Hat
  • Archmage Robes

Explorer Outfit

  • Explorer Shirt
  • Explorer Coat (No longer available)
  • Explorer Trousers
  • Explorer Boots

Uncategorized Clothing

  • Assassin Coat (Added to the Assassin Outfit with the release of the Knothole Island DLC)
  • Ballroom Mask
  • Eye Patch
  • Powdered Wig
  • Rural Kerchief
  • Yokel Hat
  • Highroller's Coat
  • Bandit Skullcap

Fable II Knothole Island Outfits[]

Assassin Outfit

  • Assassin Coat
  • Assassin Gloves
  • Assassin Trousers
  • Assassin Boots

Black Wheel Gang Outfit

  • Greaser Wig
  • Black Wheel Gang Coat
  • Black Wheel Gang Trousers
  • Black Wheel Gang Boots
  • Solar Shielding Spectales

Chasm Outfit

  • Chasm Helmet
  • Chasm Armour
  • Chasm Gloves
  • Chasm Trousers
  • Chasm Boots
  • Chasm Mask

Brodican Warrior Queen Outfit

  • Brodican Warror Queen Top
  • Brodican Warrior Queen Gloves
  • Brodican Warrior Queen Skirt
  • Brodican Warrior Queen Boots

Knothole Knight Outfit

  • Knothole Knight Helmet
  • Knothole Knight Armour
  • Knothole Knight Shirt
  • Knothole Knight Gloves
  • Knothole Knight Trousers
  • Knothole Knight Boots

Uncategorized Clothing

  • Knothole Skirt
  • All-Weather Chapeau

Fable II See The Future Outfits[]

Welley's Soldier Outfit

  • Welley's Soldier Helmet
  • Welley's Soldier Coat
  • Welley's Soldier Trousers
  • Welley's Soldier Boots

Hollow Man Suit

  • Hollow Man Suit Helmet
  • Hollow Man Suit Body
  • Hollow Man Suit Gloves
  • Hollow Man Suit Trousers
  • Hollow Man Suit Boots

Balverine Suit

  • Balverine Suit Headpiece
  • Balverine Suit Body
  • Balverine Suit Feet

Hobbe Suit

  • Hobbe Suit Body
  • Hobbe Boots

Royal Suit

  • Royal Crown
  • Royal Robe
  • Royal Trousers
  • Royal Boots

Uncategorized Clothing

  • Spiked Wig
  • The Twit Wig
  • Witchspotting Hat


  • The Explorer Coat was removed from Fable II,but it is obtainable from the Fable II Pub Games as Highroller's Coat.
  • The Assassin Coat was the only Assassin clothing in Fable II, but the Knothole Island expansion adds the rest of the outfit.
  • You can only get the Lad of The Night Outfit from the Demon Door in Brightwood.
  • The Knothole Knight Outfit changes appearance according to your Good/Evil levels.
  • The Royal Boots and the Welley's Soldier Boots look exactly the same.
  • Charlie's Hat and the All-Weather Chapeau also look exactly the same.
  • Many coats can be toggled open or closed by selecting them again.

Fable II Clothing
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Knothole Island Assassin Outfit Black Wheel Gang Outfit Chasm Outfit Brodican Warrior Queen Outfit Knothole Knight Outfit
See the Future Balverine Suit Hobbe Suit Hollow Man Suit Royal Suit Welley's Soldier Outfit