The Fable III Villager Maker was a pre-order incentive from Lionhead Studios for the game Fable III. The system allowed you to create a custom villager that could be put into your game of Fable III if your pre-ordered from participating retailers. This villager appears just like any other; you can marry, kill and accept quests from them for support, and the type of quest depends on the villagers personality. Your villager's appearance depended on the personality and home you gave them, but after generating them you were still able to change their clothes, hair and voice to your liking. The quest offered by them is either The Search or How to Get Ahead in Academia, depending on their morality. You will also receive a gift of 1000 gold in the Sanctuary. The quest and gift will appear after the start of Leaders and Followers.

"Want to leave your mark on Fable III? Pre-order the game and you can design your own villager. Build a back-story for your villager and select your favourite accessories to design a custom look. Anyone can start designing, but to upload your villager to the game, you'll need a redemption code."
— Design a Custom Villager, Introduction


Fable III Villager Maker Tutorial

Fable III Villager Maker Tutorial

Josh Atkins' Tutorial to the Villager Maker

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