Fable Fortune
Fable Fortune
Type Free-to-Play Collectible Card Game
Developer Flaming Fowl Studios
Platform Xbox One
Windows 10
Release Date Q1 2017 (Steam Closed Beta)
11 July 2017 (Xbox Game Preview, Steam Early Access)

Fable Fortune is a digital card game in development by Flaming Fowl Studios and Mediatonic for Xbox One and Windows 10 PC,[1] featuring single player, co-op, and PvP modes. The project was originally seeking funding via a Kickstarter campaign, but the studio has since secured external development funding, and as a result, decided to end their Kickstarter early[2].

The game did enter early access through Xbox Game Preview and Steam Early Access on 11 July 2017 but got released as a free-to play game on 22 February 2018.

Synopsis Edit

"We asked ten random peasants on the streets of Bowerstone what they thought of a card game set in the world of Albion. They ALL heartily agreed that Fable Fortune takes the incredible lore and iconic systems from the series and fuses them with a deep, yet accessible card-game, whilst smothering everything in an unhealthy dollop of Fable humour!

They then went on to explain that Fable Fortune's location, quest and alignment systems ensure you experience entirely new strategies every time you play.

In fact, they only stopped explaining how excited they were about the innovations contained within the game when we lowered our weapons and allowed them to leave."

Fable Fortune - A Fable CCG with Co-op, PvP & Questing

Gameplay Edit

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Gameplay centres around two primary types of cards; Unit Cards and Spell Cards. Unit cards occupy a space on the game board when played, and remain there until removed. Certain units also have special 'abilities' which can be triggered in a variety of ways for different bonuses. Spell cards will unleash a powerful ability when cast, and then disappear. Spell cards have a number of abilities, including buffing a unit's strength or health, dealing damage, drawing more cards or even returning a card from the battlefield to your hand. Both Unit and Spell cards have a 'Gold Cost' which shows how much Gold the player must have before playing that card.

When starting a new game, you must put together a Deck of 30 cards, or select one of the pre-constructed decks that are available for each Hero. At the start of the game, you must choose a Quest, which is an objective that is specific to the arena you're playing in. Completing the quest will award you a specific card and will allow you to choose to gain a point of either Good or Evil.

Features Edit

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The following features was available in the closed beta and also now in the full game:

  • Six of the game’s Heroes: each with unique powers and cards to craft devious decks
  • Iconic Alignment mechanic: allowing you to complete Quests and choose between good and evil to alter the powers at your command
  • Classic PvP mode: where you can happily hurl chickens at complete strangers
  • Unique, fully integrated Co-op mode: where you can make amends with aforementioned strangers and team up together against a powerful enemy

When designing UI for the game, American developer Peter Goudanis noted the irony of the game's name with the reasoning 'This UI is so great we're going to make a fortune off of Fable Fortune!".

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Fable Fortune Kickstarter Trailer

Fable Fortune Kickstarter Trailer

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