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A list of clothing and armours available in Fable, Fable:TLC, and Fable Anniversary.


Clothing in Fable, Fable: The Lost Chapters, and Fable Anniversary ranges from mythical armour, to mage robes, and even dresses. In Fable: The Lost Chapters, the player can receive hats for doing certain quests and challenges. Clothing affects 4 statistics in Fable: armour value, attractiveness, scariness and alignment. Several sets of clothing have neutral, good, and evil versions. There are 5 clothing slots; Helm, Torso, Gloves, Legs, and Feet.

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Fable Outfits[]

Apprentice Outfit
  • Apprentice Upper Robe
  • Hooded Apprentice Upper Robe (Only in TLC/Fable Anniversary)
  • Apprentice Gloves
  • Apprentice Lower Robe
  • Apprentice Boots
Villager Outfit
  • Villager Shirt
  • Villager Gloves
  • Villager Trousers
  • Villager Boots
Bright Villagers Outfit
  • Bright Villager Shirt
  • Bright Villager Gloves
  • Bright Villager Trousers
  • Bright Villager Boots
Dark Villager Outfit
  • Dark Villager Shirt
  • Dark Villager Gloves
  • Dark Villager Trousers
  • Dark Villager Boots
Leather Suit
  • Leather Chest Piece
  • Leather Gauntlets
  • Leather Leggings
  • Leather Boots
Bright Leather Suit
  • Bright Leather Chest Piece
  • Bright Leather Gauntlets
  • Bright Leather Leggings
  • Bright Leather Boots
Dark Leather Suit
  • Dark Leather Chest Piece
  • Dark Leather Gauntlets
  • Dark Leather Leggings
  • Dark Leather Boots
Chainmail Suit
  • Chainmail Helmet
  • Chainmail Shirt
  • Chainmail Gauntlets
  • Chainmail Leggings
  • Chainmail Boots
Bright Chainmail Suit
  • Bright Chainmail Helmet
  • Bright Chainmail Shirt
  • Bright Chainmail Gauntlets
  • Bright Chainmail Leggings
  • Bright Chainmail Boots
Dark Chainmail Suit
  • Dark Chainmail Helmet
  • Dark Chainmail Shirt
  • Dark Chainmail Gauntlets
  • Dark Chainmail Leggings
  • Dark Chainmail Boots
Platemail Suit
  • Plate Chest Piece
  • Plate Gauntlets
  • Plate Leggings
  • Plate Boots
Bright Platemail Suit
  • Bright Plate Chest Piece
  • Bright Plate Gauntlets
  • Bright Plate Leggings
  • Bright Plate Boots
Dark Platemail Suit
  • Dark Plate Chest Piece
  • Dark Plate Gauntlets
  • Dark Plate Leggings
  • Dark Plate Boots
  • Upper Dress
  • Dress Gloves
  • Lower Dress
Bright Dress
  • Bright Upper Dress
  • Bright Dress Gloves
  • Bright Lower Dress
Dark Dress
  • Dark Upper Dress
  • Dark Dress Gloves
  • Dark Lower Dress
Will User's Outfit
  • Will Upper Robe
  • Will User's Gloves
  • Will Lower Robe
  • Will User's Boots
Will User's Bright Outfit
  • Bright Wizard Hat (Only in TLC/Fable Anniversary)
  • Will Bright Upper Robe
  • Will User's Bright Gloves
  • Will Bright Lower Robe
  • Will User's Bright Boots
Dark Will User's Outfit
  • Dark Wizard Hat (Only in TLC/Fable Anniversary)
  • Will Dark Upper Robe
  • Will User's Dark Gloves
  • Will Dark Lower Robe
  • Will User's Dark Boots
Bandit Outfit
  • Bandit Bandana
  • Bandit Shirt
  • Bandit Gloves
  • Bandit Trousers
  • Bandit Boots
Assassin Outfit
  • Assassin Shirt
  • Assassin Gloves
  • Assassin Trousers
  • Assassin Boots
Guard Uniform
  • Guard Hat
  • Guard Shirt
  • Guard Gloves
  • Guard Trousers
  • Guard Boots
Fire Assassin Outfit (Only in TLC/Fable Anniversary)
  • Fire Assassin Shirt
  • Fire Assassin Gloves
  • Fire Assassin Trousers
  • Fire Assassin Boots
Archon's Battle Armour (Only in TLC/Fable Anniversary)
  • Archon's Battle Helmet
  • Archon's Battle Gauntlets
  • Archon's Battle Chest Piece
  • Archon's Battle Leggings
  • Archon's Battle Boots

Fable Headgear[]

Fable Anniversary[]

Pre-Order Bonus[]

Graduate Outfit
  • Graduate Upper Robe
  • Graduate Gloves
  • Graduate Lower Robe
  • Graduate Boots
Scythe's Charity Outfit
  • Scythe's Charity Headgear
  • Scythe's Charity Gauntlets
  • Scythe's Charity Upper Robe
  • Scythe's Charity Lower Robe
  • Scythe's Charity Boots
Prophet Outfit
  • Prophet Gloves
  • Prophet Upper Robe
  • Prophet Lower Robe
  • Prophet Boots
Bowerstone Guard Outfit
  • Bowerstone Guard Hat
  • Bowerstone Guard Gloves
  • Bowerstone Guard Shirt
  • Bowerstone Guard Trousers
  • Bowerstone Guard Boots
Knothole Guard Outfit
  • Knothole Guard Hat
  • Knothole Guard Gloves
  • Knothole Guard Shirt
  • Knothole Guard Trousers
  • Knothole Guard Boots

Retailer Specific Bonus[]

Apollo's Outfit
  • Apollo's Hood
  • Apollo's Gloves
  • Apollo's Shirt
  • Apollo's Trousers
  • Apollo's Boots
Peirates Outfit
  • Peirates Hat
  • Peirates Shirt
  • Peirates Gloves
  • Peirates Trousers
  • Peirates Boots
Snowspire Guard Outfit
  • Snowspire Guard Headwear
  • Snowspire Guard Shirt
  • Snowspire Guard Gloves
  • Snowspire Guard Trousers
  • Snowspire Guard Boots

DLC Clothing[]

Aeon's Armour
  • Aeon's Battle Helmet
  • Aeon's Chest Piece
  • Aeon's Battle Leggings
  • Aeon's Battle Gauntlets
  • Aeon's Battle Boots
Borrowed Whisper's Outfit
  • Borrowed Whisper's Hat
  • Borrowed Whisper's Shirt
  • Borrowed Whisper's Shorts
  • Borrowed Whisper's Gloves
  • Borrowed Whisper's Boots
Dave's Hat
Guildmaster's Spare Outfit
  • Guildmaster's Spare Shirt
  • Guildmaster's Spare Shorts
  • Guildmaster's Spare Gloves
  • Guildmaster's Spare Boots
Jack Of Blades Outfit
  • Jack Of Blades Hooded Upper Robe
  • Jack Of Blades Hooded Lower Robe
  • Jack Of Blades Hooded Gauntlets
  • Jack Of Blades Hooded Boots
Lady Grey Cosplay Dress
  • Lady Grey Cosplay Upper Dress
  • Lady Grey Cosplay Lower Dress
  • Lady Grey Cosplay Gloves
  • Lady Grey Cosplay Shoes
Leather Armour Suit
Lion's Head Helmet
Maze's Lost Outfit
  • Maze's Lost Shirt
  • Maze's Lost Trousers
  • Maze's Lost Gloves
  • Maze's Lost Boots
Minion Fancy Dress Outfit
Obsidian Armour
Pre-Owned Thunder Outfit
  • Pre-Owned Thunder Helmet
  • Pre-Owned Thunder Chest Piece
  • Pre-Owned Thunder Trousers
  • Pre-Owned Thunder Gauntlets
  • Pre-Owned Thunder Boots
Wasp Outfit

Fable Clothing
Fable Outfits Apprentice Outfit Assassin Outfit Bandit Outfit Bright Chainmail Suit Bright Dress Bright Leather Suit Bright Platemail Suit Bright Villagers Outfit Chainmail Suit Dark Chainmail Suit Dark Dress Dark Leather Suit Dark Platemail Suit Dark Villager Outfit Dark Will User's Outfit Dress Guard Uniform Leather Suit No Outfit Platemail Suit Villager Outfit Will User's Bright Outfit Will User's Outfit
Fable TLC Archon's Battle Armour Fire Assassin Outfit
Headgear Bright Wizard Hat Chicken Hat Daemon Warrior Helm Dark Wizard Hat Fisherman's Hat Holy Warrior Helm Pimp's Hat Redhead Wig
Pre-order Exclusives
Apollo's Outfit Bowerstone Guard Outfit Graduate Outfit Knothole Guard Outfit Peirates Outfit Prophet Outfit Scythe's Charity Outfit Snowspire Guard Outfit
Anniversary DLC Aeon's Armour Borrowed Whisper's Outfit Dave's Hat Guildmaster's Spare Outfit Jack Of Blades Outfit Lady Grey Cosplay Dress Leather Armour Suit Lion's Head Helmet Maze's Lost Outfit Minion Fancy Dress Outfit Obsidian Armour Pre-Owned Thunder Outfit Wasp Outfit