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Fable Anniversary
Type Action Role Playing Game
Developer Lionhead Studios
Publisher Microsoft Studios
Platform Xbox 360
PC (Steam download)
Release Date Xbox 360
NA: 4 February 2014
Asia: 6 February 2014
EU: 7 February 2014
12 September 2014

Fable Anniversary is a rerelease of the first installment in the Fable series by Lionhead Studios for Xbox 360 and PC. Marking almost ten years since the release of Fable, Fable Anniversary is a high-definition, remastered version of Fable: The Lost Chapters.[1]

Lionhead revealed that all first editions will include a code for the Launch Day Outfits & Weapons Pack, which comes with five new outfits, two new weapons, and a 10th Anniversary Lion's Head Avatar Helmet.[2]


Graphics updated to HD

Fable Anniversary is without a doubt a major leap visually over the original Fable, with stunning graphics and audio remastered for the Xbox 360. The development team has devoted enormous resources into remaking the adventure, breathing new life into the beloved classic with advancements like vastly improved fidelity, lighting, special effects and more. The result is a stunning reimagination of the original game that will delight fans old and new.

  • Graphically updated to 1080p.
  • Improved fidelity, lighting, and special effects.
  • Uses Unreal Engine 3.
New Interface, Save System, and Seamless Experience

Through the power of Xbox 360, gameplay in Fable Anniversary is more seamless than ever and this version boasts a new user interface system that’s been designed to simplify and make it faster and easier to explore the rich world of Fable and its menus. In addition to lightning-fast load times, there’s an all-new save system that’s been built from the ground up to provide the player with the ability to save anytime, anywhere, including during quests. Fable Anniversary also revitalizes the features that Fable fans have come to love with an updated, optional control scheme acclimated for fans that loved the play styles of Fable II and Fable III.

  • More seamless and fluid gameplay.
  • A simplified and faster user interface, allowing easier exploration of the rich world of Fable and its menus.
  • ​Lightning-fast load times.
  • Save anytime, anywhere, including during quests.
  • Maximum number of saves: 18
  • Updated, optional control scheme for fans of the play styles of Fable II and Fable III.
  • General UI and menus will operate like a book
Achievements in Fable for the First Time

Includes a full 1000 achievement points that are guaranteed to challenge and surprise new players and even the most veteran Fable fans as they explore the world of Albion again.

  • Fan-made achievement by Khaos Archangel:
    • "Are you not entertained!?"
      • Complete all 8 rounds of the Arena without taking a break.
  • Choice and consequence: 15 achievements can be earned in two different ways:[3]
    • "Definitely not on rails"
      • Visit every region in the game or become morbidly obese
Xbox Smartglass

Use your SmartGlass app (available for free on any smart phone or tablet) to interact with Fable:

  • Viewing the map of the area.
    • Revealing quest markers and secret locations
  • Take screenshots.
Additional changes for PC version
  • In addition to the standard 'Chicken Mode', there is now the option of a more difficult 'Heroic Mode'. The enemies are harder, some potions are scarcer, and money is harder to earn.
  • Achievements have been changed to suit hardware differences.
  • Ageing is slowed down by 50% compared to the original.


  • It's assumed that Ted Timmins was pushing for unique content and quests (possibly even restoring cut content) as DLC in Fable: Anniversary, but this never happened.




Minimum Requirements[]

  • OS: Windows 7/8
  • Processor: Intel 2GHz Core2 Duo / AMD Athlon 64 x2 2.4GHz
  • Memory: 3 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Radeon X1800 / Nvidia GeForce 7600GT
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 10 GB available space

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