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Fable (Playground Games)
Type Action Role Playing Game
Developer Playground Games
Publisher Microsoft Game Studios
Platform Xbox Series X/S
Windows 10
Release Date TBA

Fable is an upcoming installment in the Fable series. It is being developed by Playground Games.[1]


In early 2018 rumors existed that Fable IV was currently in development by Playground Games. An Xbox Live API leak confirmed that a Fable related project codenamed Wisdom was being developed by a UK based studio. Allegedly the success of the PS4 title, Horizon: Zero Dawn inspired Microsoft to produce a suitable, competing, single player RPG title.

A former Lionhead Lead Engine Programmer, Don Williamson, who worked on both Fable I and II, posted on Twitter that he’d worked out which studio was "currently working on Fable IV", stating that he believed it to be an "interesting choice". This tweet has since been deleted.

Playground Games then recruited a senior game designer for the purpose of producing an "AAA open-world RPG" which would strongly suggest they were entering the development process. This was later confirmed at E3 2018, however, "for a "brand new game."

The game was formally announced with a cinematic trailer in July, 2020.[1]


Although little is currently known about Fable, it is possible to confirm some things from the trailer:

  • The trailer opens with a moss-covered sword, the hilt of which shows the Guild seal. This suggests that the Heroes Guild has existed within this timeline.
  • The narrator uses the phrase "Legendary heroes", which suggests that the Heroes Guild has existed for some time.
  • The Guild logo is not exclusive to the Guild. The Sword of Aeons (Obtained by William Black from Jack of Blades) has the Guild Seal symbol on it, this sword was stolen long before the guild had ever been established.


Logical theories with facts taken into consideration, if Fable takes place in the same continuity as previous releases:

  • Fable could potentially be set during the "Fall of the Guild" time-period of the Fable chronology, between Fable and Fable II.
  • Fable cannot be set during the "Establishment of the Guild" time-period. (Following Age of Archons) due to the existence of Bowerstone Castle, which only exists after the events of Fable
  • Notably, there are no factory fumes or other signs of industrialization in Bowerstone, which would suggest that the game will take place prior to Fable III.
  • There is no Spire in the far distance, suggesting that it has not yet been constructed by the Archon, nor been reconstructed by Lucien.

If Bowerstone Castle exists and the game follows the existing timeline, the following things would also exist:

If the Heroes Guild exists and the game follows the existing timeline, the following things would also exist:


Amie Spuddles - Senior Producer


During the development of Playground Game's reboot of Fable, the game would find itself in a bit of controversy when people claimed in articles that the game could be going through development hell. However, Amie Spuddles did her best to squash these rumors by explaining to people how these types of struggles are all a normal part of video game development and every team goes through these types of growing pains.


The title is often still referred to by fans as "Fable 4" despite there never being a number ever shown in any legitimately confirmed rumours or artwork.


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