Fable Theresa Cover

Fable: Theresa is the last of three e-book short stories from bestselling author Peter David based on the Fable series of games. It was released on 19 June 2012 on all major e-reading platforms.

Synopsis Edit

In a small village, an innocent girl is tormented by disturbing hallucinations and violent headaches. Like Theresa, the girl is a seer, but one whose powers will lead to madness and death. Theresa has seen the girl's fate in a shocking vision. Refusing to accept what appears to be certain, Theresa resolves to find the mythical cure for second sight. But she needs help. Unfortunately, in a town where heroes are few and far between, Theresa is left with Elijah Stane, a drunken wretch up for one last great adventure. On a journey rife with peril, Fable's most powerful seer discovers that altering fate is no easy task. And the choices Theresa must make will haunt her...perhaps to the grave.

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