Gabriel's Gauntlets

The spells in Fable: The Journey revolve around gauntlets similar to those in Fable III . These gauntlets allow Gabriel to cast the variety of spells that he acquires along his journey even though he is not from any Hero bloodline. You are given the choice of dominant and non-dominant hand to facilitate left or right handed gameplay. Some spells allow you to cast "Aftertouch," causing different effects on different spells, by moving your hand in different directions after casting the spell.
Gabriel spells

Art of Gabriel using spells on Hobbes


Bolt, Push and Counter are all obtained in the Spirit's Chamber at the beginning of the game at the Spirit Chambers .

Fireball is obtained inside the the Forge of Fire after completing the temple's challenges and talking to Blaze.

Shard is obtained inside Bladebarrow after surviving the dungeon and talking to Stone.

Light is obtained inside the Shattered Prism after completing the temple's puzzles and talking to Sol


FTJ Ico Bolt

It's the primary damage spell. It sends a bolt of blue magical energy at your enemies. To cast it, you bring your dominant hand up to your shoulder, then thrust it toward your target. Aftertouch to send it flying back at your enemies. Upgrade to have it bounce over and damage more enemies.

FTJ Ico Push

The other main spell. It sends a string of magical energy at your enemies and will knock them back, stunning them. To cast Push, raise your non-dominant hand up to your shoulder, then thrust forwards. Push can also be used to manipulate your enemies and your enviroment. After casting push, move your hand in the direction you wish to move it, and you will send the object or enemy in that direction. Upgrade to hit multiple enemies at once.

FTJ Ico Counter

A red target indicates an incoming attack. You can bounce attacks back at your enemies by using the Counter spell. When the incoming icon is on the screen, move your non-dominant hand across and slightly in front of your chest.

FTJ Ico Fireball

While holding your dominant hand up as if to cast Bolt, wave it back and forth or say "Fireball" and the spell will change to the fireball spell. This spell will damage more enemies, and can ignite gas leaks, light torches, etc. Aftertouch fireball to send several small fireballs at your enemies.

FTJ Ico Shards

A spear-like stone at your enemies. To cast shard, raise your dominant hand over your shoulder as if you were casting a spear, then move your arm in the direction you wish to cast it. Aftertouch to send several, smaller shards at your enemies.

FTJ Ico Light

After acquiring this spell, it acts as an upgrade to your push spell. Light allows you to burn away the darkness from corrupted enemies, allowing you to damage them, but does not cause damage itself. It can also burn away liquid darkness off of the environment.

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