Fable: The Journey
Type First-Person Action Adventure
Developer Lionhead Studios
Publisher Microsoft Studios
Platform Kinect for Xbox 360
Release Date NA: 9 October 2012
EU: 12 October 2012

Fable: The Journey is a game by Lionhead Studios for the Xbox 360. The game will only be playable with Microsoft's Kinect; no controller needed, just yourself. Peter Molyneux presented the game at E3 2011 with a trailer and some gameplay.

"It's all about the experience and atmosphere with this one. We are trying to make it not feel linear or as on-rails as we can and are aiming to immerse the player in the world we create."
— Gradius1[1]


WARNING: This section or article may contain spoilers!

Set fifty years after the events of Fable III, you are a normal Dweller named Gabriel who has been separated from his tribe. Gabriel comes across Theresa, who has been wounded by The Devourer, an agent of The Corruptor. The Corruption is taking over Albion, and Gabriel must take Theresa to the Spire to restore her power.

The game takes place throughout large portions of Albion. The events of Fable III are still felt during Fable: The Journey.


Fable: The Journey is a first-person game that has players use Kinect to manipulate magic in order to defeat enemies. By using your hands to perform certain gestures, players can cast 3 different damage dealing spells with their dominant hand and manipulate environmental objects and enemies using the 'Push' spell with their other hand.

A large portion of the game takes place with your horse, Seren. Driving the horse requires "holding" the reins and guiding the horse along a path. You must also care for your horse by petting and brushing her as well as caring for her when she gets hurt. There are experience orbs along the road as well, some of which can only be collected at varying speeds. According to information revealed at E3 2012, the horse may even learn specific voice commands used when you spur it forward.

Interspersed with the travel and combat sections of the game are rest stops, optional stops and camps.  Rest stops allow you to heal Seren before continuing on your journey, optional stops challenge the player with a short combat segment or puzzle for a collectable reward and camps allow the player to groom Seren and learn more about Theresa and her motivations.

There is also cross-game interaction with Fable Heroes. Gold earned in Fable Heroes can be transferred to Fable: the Journey as experience; however this can only be done once per playthrough.  All Hero Dolls unlocked in Fable Heroes can be hung from your cart in Fable: the Journey

First look Edit

After the first demo was shown at E3 2012, there was a backlash from a large number of people (particularly those from the Fable fan-base). The game was shown as an "on-rails" shooter as opposed to the conventional RPG format of the previous Fable titles. Peter Molyneux has since apologized during an interview, stating that the reveal of the game was done poorly and that the developers took a risk by removing "the navigation system" from view, which is where much of the criticism came from. He went on to say that the games of the main Fable series were separate from this one as, in terms of plot, it would not focus on the "bloodline".

Spells Edit

The spells in Fable: The Journey revolve around gauntlets similar to those in Fable III. These gauntlets allow Gabriel to cast the variety of spells that he acquires along his journey even though he is not from any Hero bloodline. You are given the choice of dominant and non-dominant hand to facilitate left or right handed gameplay. Some spells allow you to cast "Aftertouch," causing different effects on different spells, by moving moving your hand in different directions after casting the spell.

Bolt is your primary damage spell. It sends a bolt of blue magical energy at your enemies. To cast it, you bring your dominant hand up to your shoulder, then thrust it toward your target. Aftertouch to send it flying back at your enemies. Upgrade to have it bounce over and damage more enemies.

Push is your other main spell. It sends a string of magical energy at your enemies and will knock them back, stunning them. To cast Push, raise your non-dominant hand up to your shoulder, then thrust forwards. Push can also be used to manipulate your enemies and your enviroment. After casting push, move your hand in the direction you wish to move it, and you will send the object or enemy in that direction. Upgrade to hit multiple enemies at once.

Counter A red target indicates an incoming attack. You can bounce attacks back at your enemies by using the Counter spell. When the incoming icon is on the screen, move your non-dominant hand across and slightly in front of your chest.

Fireball While holding your dominant hand up as if to cast Bolt, wave it back and forth or say "Fireball" and the spell will change to the fireball spell. This spell will damage more enemies, and can ignite gas leaks, light torches, etc. Aftertouch fireball to send several small fireballs at your enemies.

Shard A spear-like stone at your enemies. To cast shard, raise your dominant hand over your shoulder as if you were casting a spear, then move your arm in the direction you wish to cast it. Aftertouch to send several, smaller shards at your enemies.

Light After acquiring this spell, it acts as an upgrade to your push spell. Light allows you to burn away the darkness from corrupted enemies, allowing you to damage them, but does not cause damage itself. It can also burn away liquid darkness off of the environment.


E3 2012 Fable The Journey

E3 2012 Fable The Journey

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Screenshots Edit

Lionhead's new website includes some new screenshots of Fable: The Journey. Their filenames also suggest some new information:

  • Screenshot 4 suggests an enemy type called "Harbinger"
  • Screenshot 5 suggests a location called "Miremoor"


  • Casting Magic
  • Gabriel Attack
  • Gorge Rapids
  • Harbinger Attack
  • Miremoor Travelling Vista
  • The New Troll
  • Slap
  • Boss Hobbe
  • Spear Bullet
  • Spear Impact
  • Flame Impact
  • Balverine
  • Hollow Man
  • A Mysterious Castle
  • A Mysterious Castle
  • Theresa, Seren and Gabriel
  • Carriage View
  • Harbingers and the Spire
  • Miremoor
  • Hills
  • Hobbe Mine
  • Barrow
  • Destroyer
  • River Crossing

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