Fable: The Balverine Order is a novel by Peter David based on the Fable series of games. It was released in North America on 5 October 2010 and in the United Kingdom on 21 October 2010. Physical copies of the book include a one-time use code to unlock a unique weapon, the Shardborne, in Fable III. Digital copies do not include the bonus item.


The days of magic and myth are fading away, the days of industry and science are coming. As the aged last Hero sits upon the throne of Albion, two friends - the privileged Thomas and his loyal servant, James - set out for the East in search of a legendary beast: the vicious, rarely seen balverine. But their desire for adventure may be their ultimate undoing.

For although the age of Heroes is ending, dangers and darkness still abound in the wilds of Albion. And as they travel, they encounter both unlikely friends and unnerving allies who seek adventure of a different sort. Though Thomas and James seem on the verge of finding their quarry, they may not live to tell the tale. Because their quarry has just found them...


  • The story begins with an Unknown King of an unknown country wandering in his garden. There he encounters a strange storyteller who is presumably Quentin Locke. The storyteller persuades the King to listen to his story.
  • The King assumes that the narrator of the story is Quentin Locke, however, in the beginning of the story the speaker knows Thomas Kirkman's thoughts. Making it a possibility that the narrator is indeed Thomas rather than Locke, especially since the thoughts of neither of the other Heroes are privy to the narrator.
  • In this way, the book is divided into two story lines. The first storyline being the King and the storyteller, and the second storyline being the story told to the King, about the young heroes Thomas and James and their adventure.

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