Fable Jack of Blades Cover

Fable: Jack of Blades is the second of three e-book short stories from bestselling author Peter David based on the Fable series of games. It was released on 22 May 2012 on all major e-reading platforms.

Synopsis Edit

Finally, the people of Albion are safe. Jack of Blades, the supernatural terror, has been slain...or at least, that's what they've been told. But the residents of Oddwood know that Jack is alive and well. Leading a small force of mercenaries, Jack has enslaved the townsfolk and is enjoying a life of luxury—until an unassuming young man arrives on the scene, inadvertently thwarting Jack at every step. Living up to his merciless reputation, Jack of Blades decides upon a suitable punishment: throwing the newcomer into a cage with a flesh-eating balverine. Little does Jack realise that he's dealing with a wild card—and a shocking twist to the Fable saga..

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